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New project Proeftuin Erasmusveld in sale!

Another beautiful project of BPD in sale: Proeftuin Erasmusveld

Real time sensor information of real estate usage

Insights and statistics for your real estate through BIMkeeper sensor information

New: Surface and Point-to-point Measurement in a BIM model

New feature in BIMkeeper. Measurements with a few simple clicks.

BIMkeeper app

Fast and easy overview of contracts, requests and compliance-check of your real estate with the BIMkeeper app.


New interface for overruling IFC information

A new feature has been developed that improves the way we can keep all information displayed in our 3D viewer up to date.

Circular Construction: Material passport

Circular Construction stems from circular economy where it's all about making smart use of raw materials, products and goods so they can be recycled indefinitely. Read more on how a material passport helps this process. 

BIMkeeper at Building Holland (9, 10 and 11 April 2019)

The most innovative event for construction and property management.

ISO 19650 Launch. What to expect.

On Thursday the 31st of January 2019, BSI (Business Standards Company) held an event in London to launch a new ISO standard.

Management and revisons of BIM models made easy

Our professional document management system in combination with the Project Management tool makes the maintenace and Revisions of models very easy. See how it works

We have developed a project management tool for BIM

Our project management tool facilitates the process of BIM modeling.

Our BIM technology used for sale appartments

For the first time our BIM viewer is used in the process of selling apartments. It is a project from BPD (large development company) for the project "Baken van Narva".

EU: General Data Protection Regulation

Our services might undergo some (small) changes due to the new EU regulation on Privacy.

The future: Repair requests directly from the 3D BIM viewer

Of course we can add requests to 2D floorplans or use the app to send some text and a picture. But that is the past! Now we connect directly to BIM elements.

Our new BIM viewer is amazingly fast

Our software engineers are working on a new method to show BIM models.

IRP changed Terms of Service.

This change also applies to this web application. If you use this service, you must agree with the new Terms of Service.

New BIM project upload interface

This new version contains a reworked interface for uploading IFCs and Revit projects. Drag & drop files, better organization and easily change project settings.

In the cloud

OGDB is an online collaboration platform for the development and maintenance of real estate. And a perfect tool for chain integration.

3D viewer

OGDB renders BIM-models in a webbrowser, including all element information, quantities and measurements.

Geographic information

Integration with Google Maps, Street View and OpenStreetMap, give direct insight into the geographic distribution of your real estate.

Plan ahead

OGDB offers a great amount of functionality for maintenance, schedules, meetings, progress reports, financial management, etc.